Finance March 9, 2015

Prepare for a Business Audit

Did your business get picked for a tax audit? The key to surviving an audit and even coming out on top is to prepare. If you go it alone, before meeting the auditor, thoroughly review the tax returns being audited and find all records that substantiate your tax return. The IRS has a right to […]

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Finance October 13, 2014

Common Money Mistakes

It’s important to remember that if you ever plan to bring on investors to expand or even sell your business, how you run it from the start is just as important. Luckily, it’s not difficult to get started the right way. Consider  these four tips that most start-up entrepreneurs overlook. 1. Prepare Your General Ledger […]

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Business Funding Tips June 27, 2014

Messing Up a Funding Pitch

1. Providing the wrong details about capital usage During a pitch, entrepreneurs usually explain how they plan to use the investment by listing out the activities it will enable, what kinds of and how many people they will hire or how many months the money will last. The problem is, that’s not what I really […]

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Finance January 20, 2014

The True Costs of BYOD

The Employee Costs These are the costs that one sees at the start of the BYOD discussion. Especially for companies that are accustomed to purchasing smartphones and voice/data plans for employees, the lure of BYOD is that the employee now covers the costs of the phone or tablet and the plan. On average, employees will […]

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Finance December 17, 2013

7 Things Investors Love

1. Field a strong core team Investors bet on the jockeys. If you can recruit top talent on a shoestring, that shows you’ve got leadership ability. Investors also look for domain expertise, and for prior entrepreneurial experience among the founding team. Teams that have worked together before are preferred-;this should not be your first rodeo. Likewise, teams […]

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