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What is a Real Estate Privacy Trust?

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If you’re a real estate investor looking for privacy and protection from liens, title claims and HOA claims…you need a Real Estate Privacy Trust (REPT).

So, what exactly is an REPT? Well, that’s the question we’ll be answering in this post!

What is an REPT?

REPTs are an immensely powerful tool with each property titled in a separate Trust. This means that the named beneficiaries retain use of the property while the trustee holds legal title to all trust property. This provides real estate investors with maximum privacy and protection.

How do they work?

REPTs grant this level of privacy by not requiring you to register the Trust or the public records of officers, directors, and shareholders. The trustee keeps control of the Trust records and the identity of the beneficiaries in a secure location. This means they can’t release this information without a subpoena.

So, basically, the only people who know about your beneficial ownership, are you, your attorney, and the trustee.

What are the advantages of an REPT?

  • Privacy of Ownership– Under a Land Trust arrangement, no one can see your identity as the legal owner of the real estate except in cases of subpoenas or court orders.
  • Ease of Transferability– You can change the beneficiary of a Land Trust without recording a change in the public records.
  • Avoids Probate– A Land Trust arrangement allows you to designate succession of ownership exactly as you wish
  • Facilitates Multiple Ownership – You can structure a Land Trust where there are multiple owners of a parcel of real estate to provide for clear legal direction.
  • Retain Tax Advantage– You’re still eligible for the homeowner’s and senior citizen’s real estate tax exemptions.

Get protection today

As a real estate investor with multiple properties, you need a strategy that can provide you with advanced protection and benefits. REPTs are that strategy.

Well, our in-house legal team at NCH is dedicated to helping investors get the privacy and protection they deserve. So, when you’re ready to take your real estate investing career to the next level, give us a call!


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