Marketing Tips December 1, 2022

What is an Exit Strategy in Business?

Business owners always plan how to start and run a business. However, this initial planning won’t automatically include what the business will do once it fails or ends. In this article, you’ll learn about an exit strategy, its benefits, examples, and why it’s important in any business. What is an Exit Strategy in Business? An […]

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Marketing Tips August 10, 2022

Using Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

With more than half of the world’s population on social media, it makes good business sense to use social media to increase your organization’s exposure. In fact, almost 90 percent of B2B marketers use social media platforms to distribute content.   However, a strong social media marketing strategy is not just about posting regular content. Rather, it’s about developing unique […]

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Marketing Tips June 7, 2022

Understanding the Best Time to Get a Trademark

Filing a trademark application is critical for some businesses—and many entrepreneurs have questions about the process. Below are frequently asked questions and answers to help you navigate the somewhat confusing process: When should you trademark your company? The simple answer to this question is as soon as possible. It is best for business owners to […]

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Marketing Tips May 25, 2022

Crafting the Perfect Website for your Business

Websites are extremely important for today’s business owners. Because businesses can lose customers by not having a website, ensuring a strong online presence is necessary for every single business—even brick-and-mortar stores that do not conduct e-commerce. To learn more about how to craft the perfect website in today’s business world, read on… Ensure your site […]

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Marketing Tips September 28, 2021

Take Advantage of Social Media for Your Small Business

Social media is a powerful platform for today’s small businesses looking to connect with their audience, customers, clients, and prospects. Simply put, social media is online communication that allows you to interact with your customers and share information in real time. This can help you reach your customers, create online networks, and sell/promote your products […]

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