Business formation July 1, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: Protecting your Crypto with a Nevada LLC

About the Video Cort Christie is joined by Damian Barton to discuss all things Crypto. They discuss the various concepts of owning and trading Cryptos using LLC business entities. Whether you’re a Crypto trader or long-term investor, you need to protect those assets! Prefer to read? A full transcript is provided below. Cort: Hello and […]

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Business formation June 14, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: More Women Are Becoming Entrepreneurs

About the Video Female entrepreneurship is on the rise!  Research shows that women now account for 41% of the global workforce and control more than $20 trillion in annual spending. Predictions are that this number will go up to $28 trillion in the next few years. If you’re thinking about starting a female-owned business, watch […]

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Business formation June 9, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: Will Your Partnership Sink or Sail?

About the Video Having business partners means you are no longer operating the business yourself. You’ll have two or more people who share the same vision and goals for the company. It’s a great opportunity to innovate and expand the business utilizing different skill sets and knowledge. While partnerships sound exciting, many business partnerships have […]

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Business formation May 11, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: The Infamous Nevada LLC

About the Video One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner is choosing where to incorporate your Limited Liability Company (LLC). Many business owners choose to incorporate their business in Nevada for many different reasons. Watch Cort Christie, CEO and founder of NCH, and Ron Sherrod, an NCH Business Specialist, as […]

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Business formation April 19, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: The crucial foundation your business needs

About the Video Getting your business idea to an actual operating business takes work and a solid foundation before it can start to generate revenue. Watch Erika Cardenas-Barrios, and Damian Barton, as they discuss how to properly setup your business with the right foundation that can provide protection as your business grows and changes. Prefer […]

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