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Tips to Help Grow Your Business

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Have you been working at your business for years and now you’ve hit a plateau that you just can’t seem to get over? You know that it is  possible to grow. You’ve seen other businesses do it, so why isn’t it  happening for you?

November 3, 2014
Author: NCH

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Instead of trying to find the way on your own, read these  tips to help your business grow and see if one of them hits home:

1. Create/Refine Your Unique Selling Proposition

What’s a unique  selling proposition? If you had to ask that question, there’s good news  for you. You will start to grow rapidly once you figure it out.

A “unique selling proposition,” is a clear, concise  statement that describes exactly what differentiates you from all other  businesses doing the same thing. Note that being “full service” doesn’t  differentiate you. It’s a nice feature, but it’s not enough to be a unique  selling proposition.

To find your unique selling proposition, think carefully  about your customer’s problem and how you can solve it in a unique way.

2. Run the Business You Want, Not the Business You Have

This helps you get through the early years. We’re not  saying you should mislead or deceive your customers. Honesty’s always the best  policy.

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But, even though you may not be the preeminent expert in  what you’re doing, you should project an air of confidence and authority. The  same message and feel should carry through across your print marketing  materials, website, and in-person interactions.

It helps overcome client’s initial fears about working  with you. As your relationships with them age, you’ll build trust by showing  them you’re willing to go to any length to help them succeed.

3. Hire People Smarter than You

Do you seem to know where your business should be going  at all times? The truth is no one does. Yes, you are knowledgeable at what you do, but there are  very few business minds that consistently make all the right decisions on their  own. To increase your odds of success, hire people who are more talented than  you and make it your job to get them working together for the good of your  company. Won’t they outsmart you and get people to view them as  the real leader? That’s not true teamwork. And if they try to do it, you’ll  have to hire someone else who respects the idea of a team more.

That’s only 3 tips, but they’re very powerful. Once you  get them working at your business, it’ll grow like never before.

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