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No longer do entrepreneurs have to pull stakes and invest in an urban area to be a small business success. With all the resources available today, nothing should stop rural start-ups from living the business ownership dream and succeeding, from anywhere. Start a robust and healthy small business in even the most rural of areas by implementing these business start-up ideas in rural areas.

1. Online Business

Starting an online business can be relatively cheap or even free, and you can be up and running quickly. The Web provides you access to a worldwide audience, and you don’t have to depend on scattered and scanty local neighbors as your client base. Whether you want to freelance, consult, sell products on eBay, manage your own e-commerce website, or offer a service online, such as tutoring or family history research, you can do it all from a digital device.

Make sure your region has access to reliable and high-speed Internet to support your Web hosting or online services. If cable companies neglect your rural area, resolve this issue with satellite Internet equipment. Satellite Internet is just as dependable and fast as cable Internet, and you can access it wherever your “office” is located.

2. All-Natural or Organic Products

Use your rural home as a resource. Natural, earthy products are trendy for city dwellers, especially as hazardous chemicals in food and beauty products grow as major concerns. Offer customers unique, organic products, you can easily build a loyal clientele.

Business have thrived by making handmade soap (e.g. goat’s milk soap), providing raw dairy products, selling organic produce and herbs, and selling freshly laid eggs from free-range hens. Raw honey from bee keeping is also lucrative. You’re limited only by your imagination. How does nature inspire you? What are you passionate about?

Also, use social media platforms for marketing and advertising, start an Etsy store or sell through eBay. You can even use Craigslist to reach customers in your larger geographic area, sell at local farmers markets or set up a roadside stand.

3. Community Need

Research needs and demands within your community, and fill voids by establishing a service or promoting a product that isn’t available locally. Your neighbors are your customers. Ask yourself, what is your community lacking that people need? Are there childcare daycare facilities nearby for working parents? What about adult day care services for the elderly? Housekeeping, tax preparing, computer or appliance repair, and even tutoring are all services you could offer to your local community. Inquire within your community to see what people want the most, and obtain the necessary licenses or permits. Advertise in local venues and through digital platforms. With passion, drive, hard work, and smart business tactics, your rural start-up will thrive.

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