Nevada vs. Delaware

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Many people often ask about the comparisons between Nevada and Delaware when it comes to incorporating a corporation or forming an LLC.

Right now, Nevada and Delaware are the most talked about types of incorporation or LLC formation states. They are the popular states for incorporating. Yet Nevada is also often the number one state to incorporate in.

So, what’s the difference? Delaware and Nevada Incorporations are certainly not the same.

Did you know that:

  • The state personal income tax in Delaware is about average, but Delaware’s state corporate tax is quite high at 8.7%.
  • Nevada has no personal income tax, franchise tax or corporate state income tax. Delaware’s corporate tax law puts the state at 48th on the Tax Foundation’s Corporate Tax Ranking Index.
  • The state of Delaware requires that places or operation outside of the state be disclosed.
  • Nevada’s Privacy laws are significantly stricter than Delaware’s. It is almost impossible to get information about the owners/shareholders of a company incorporated in Nevada. In Delaware, it is public information.

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