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How to Entice Your Target Audience

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When it comes to marketing, in all of its various forms, there is nothing more important than the audience. If you don’t know how to cater for the people that you are reaching out to, then you’re never going to achieve success. That is why the aim of any business or company should be to […]

Renting or Buying an Office

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Depending upon your business, you may decide to rent or buy a business location to provide your products and services or to store your inventory and equipment. If you’re a startup, buying a building may present too big of a risk. Establishing a physical location involves both one-time outlays, such as security deposits or closing […]

10 Pointers for Young Entrepreneurs

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A young entrepreneur might run across a lot of articles offering advice for the new business owner. But how many articles are actually geared toward the young entrepreneur? As a former young entrepreneur myself (now I’m 30), I’ve decided to share my insights from my past experiences — all the types of things that I […]

Business Tax Obligations

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When you’re running your own business, tax obligations are often on your mind. If you have not yet started your own business, taxes should be a factor you evaluate. Whether you take care of your own tax matters or have a tax professional handle them, you and your business are the ones liable in the […]

LLC Basics

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A limited liability company, also called an LLC, is a hybrid entity, bringing together some of the best features of partnerships and corporations. LLCs were created to provide business owners with the liability protection that corporations enjoy without the double taxation. If the LLC chooses to be taxed as a partnership, the earnings and losses […]



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