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Business License Fee Increase Could Cost Nevada $30 million

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What is the bottom line? If half of our clients choose not to maintain their existing Nevada entities because we price ourselves out of the market, it will cost Nevada FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR in lost renewal revenue – or $30 million per biennium. This does not account for the State Business Licenses that will not be renewed, amendments that will not be filed, certificates that will not be ordered, etc. It also does not account for the precipitous drop in new business filings that we will also see.

Nevada Ranks High in 2009 Business Tax Index

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The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council released their annual Business Tax Index report that ranks the various states from best to worst based on the state tax systems.   As we expected, Nevada ranked very high, within a fraction of a point of 1st place for the “Best Small Business Tax Structure”. The 5 Best States, […]

Minimizing Estate Taxes in Family Owned Businesses

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The goal of estate planning is to reduce how much the government gets from what you leave behind. This can be a real challenge to small business owners who generally live their lives in the mode of building and growing. It can be very difficult for the entrepreneur to minimize his or her estate when […]

The Global Pension Plan Gimmick

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Last week one of our outstanding customer service coaches brought a situation to my attention regarding a client who she feared was being victimized by a fast one. I asked her to arrange a time when I could speak to this client myself, which was scheduled for the following day. In the mean time, I […]

Lawsuit Closes BasketballTown

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