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Surviving a Recession

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A recession requires a shift in our thinking, our planning, and our decision-making in order for our business to see the light of day at the other end of this economic cycle. Economic cycles, by the way, are usually long. The common chatter heard from talking heads and prognosticators is that we should see the beginnings […]

Nevada or Wyoming incorporation?

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Promoters of Wyoming incorporation have started to make brazen claims that Wyoming offers better asset protection benefits than Nevada.  This is a fair comparison for analysis, since the claim can be measured against the standards set by Nevada in three specific areas of corporate asset protection. However, there are many benefits of Nevada LLC. Corporate […]

Protecting Yourself in Business

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Business is riskier than ever these days. The economy is a mess, credit markets are tight, taxes are high – and likely to go higher, the courts are clogged with frivolous lawsuits, and attorneys seem to rule the world. What can you and I do about it?  Fortunately, you can do quite a bit to protect yourself […]

Financial statements and Fundability

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Disraeli once said that “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” In business, some of the “statistics” that can tell such damning lies are the numbers found on company balance sheets and income statements. Too often, the reality is not accurately reflected in the numbers. Accounting is not intended to be […]

Choosing the Best Entity

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Small business veterans may differ on politics, taxes, management styles and even on business models. But one thing they generally agree on is this: the business world is a dangerous place. In business, there is potential trouble literally everywhere –contracts, product liabilities, employee problems, intellectual property mistakes, etc. – clogging our courts with litigation and […]



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