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5 Billion-Dollar Industries to Consider in 2021

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Like many people around the world, you probably breathed a sigh of relief at midnight on January 1st, 2020 – eager to see that rollercoaster of a year come to an end. Maybe you even made a new year’s resolution. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, that resolution was likely to finally start a business—be your […]

9 Tax Write-offs for Small Businesses

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Prior to COVID-19, people viewed their tax refunds as a sort of bonus—extra money to spend on wants instead of needs. But with many small businesses struggling to stay afloat, tax refunds will be a lifeline in 2021 That’s why you need to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the tax write-offs available to […]

How to Set and Maintain a Healthy Profit Margin

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Businesses are founded on different core principles and ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s a numbers game. The success of your small business hinges on what you charge. If you charge too much, people won’t buy what you’re selling and if you price yourself too low, you won’t turn a profit. This […]

Starting a Business with Your Spouse: Pros & Cons

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The appeal of starting a business with your spouse is clear. You’re already partners in life, why not be partners in business? But before you and your significant other make the leap, know that there are downsides to this joint venture. In this blog post we’ll look at both the pros and cons of going […]



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