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Why NOT to Get Business Funding from a Traditional Bank

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It’s common sense…if you need business funding you go to a traditional bank to get funding, right? Wrong. Not only are there way better options out there for business funding, you should avoid traditional banks at all costs. In this blog post we’ll explore a few reasons why. Banks are risk averse This means they avoid lending […]

Multi-tasking is a Myth…Do This Instead

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Multi-tasking has always been hailed as the holy grail of skills. The ability to work on multiple projects at once and have them all come out perfect…who wouldn’t want their employees or themselves to possess such a skill? But here’s the thing–multitasking doesn’t work. Research shows that it’s not as efficient as we like to believe and can […]

6 Companies That Are Disrupting the Loan Industry

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Technology has disrupted just about every industry imaginable, but maybe none more so than the finance industry. From the introduction of Bitcoin to fully virtual/non-traditional banks—people are rethinking the way they handle, spend and invest their money. And in doing so, they are giving long-standing financial institutions a run for their money. But the finance […]

Finding a Reliable Business Partner

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As an entrepreneur, you’re probably used to doing things on your own. But running a business on your own is not easy and can swiftly lead to burnout. That’s why finding a reliable business partner before you launch your business is wise. But if you’ve already started your business and are wearing one too many […]

Negotiating Your Salary Like a Boss

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According to a recent study conducted by Jobvite, “only 35% of workers negotiated their salary at their current or most recent job,” meaning 65% of workers are missing out on a higher salary. That’s a shockingly high number especially when you consider that 86% of people who do negotiate their salary, succeed in getting it. […]



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