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…is the concept of protecting one’s assets from frivolous, ill motivated, illogical and, more
often than not, devastating claims that can destroy your current and future lifestyle.

Over 30 million new lawsuits were filed last year! That is over 82,000 per day!
Don’t become a statistic – Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. (NCH) can help
you to protect your wealth.

It is always about the dollars!
Lawsuits have become the plaintiff’s number one negotiating strategy. Lawyers have found
that, for around the $175 court filing fee, one of two things will likely occur:

  1. You give them the money to go away.
  2. They’ll keep you tied up in court for between two and five years.

In either case the money comes out of your pocket. If fortunate, you will win the case – but
at what price? Your defense bill could easily run up to six figures. It’s Hobson’s choice – even
if you win, you lose.

Who can’t wait to sue you?
A partial listing, by no means inclusive:

Employment lawsuits (age discrimination, racial, gender, pregnancy, disability, mental
illness, addiction discrimination, sexual harassment, peer harassment, wrongful termination,
employee injury, etc.)

Professional malpractice (medical, legal, psychological, engineering, architectural,
accounting, etc.)

Business liability lawsuits (environmental cleanup, dissatisfied customers, personal injury,
shareholder liability, etc.)

Personal lawsuits (divorce, business partners, creditor claims, accidental injury caused by a
family member, personal injury, etc.)

So the key to preventing lawsuits is to make sure that plaintiffs and their lawyers can’t get
their hands on your money – then they won’t waste the time and money trying.

NCH will show you how to become every contingency fee lawyer’s nightmare. Set up your
asset protection plan before you get sued. Now is the time to get serious about providing
the highest level of protection for your family

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