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Here’s Why You Should Publish an E-book

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It seems like everywhere you turn somebody’s asking you to buy their e-book. But don’t dismiss it as gimmicky or “not for your business”. If done correctly, e-books can be great marketing tool to increase name recognition and your bottom line. Here are four reasons you should publish an e-book. Increase your exposure As a […]

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A Bad Economy is Good for Business

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At a time when many businesses are suffering, it seems counter-intuitive to even think that you could start your business. But while it may pose a few challenges, a bad economy can be good for business in a number of ways. In this post we’ll look at each and prove to you that a good […]

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Real Estate Privacy Trust: What It Is and Why You Need It

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If you’re a real estate investor looking for privacy and protection from liens, title claims and HOA claims…you need a Real Estate Privacy Trust (REPT). So, what exactly is an REPT? Well, that’s the question we’ll be answering in this post! What is an REPT? REPTs are an immensely powerful tool with each property titled in […]

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Funding Your Future with Business Credit

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According to a U.S. Bank study, 82% of businesses fail because of “cash flow problems.” That’s not surprising when you consider that most new business owners make the mistake of using personal credit to operate their business instead of business credit. “What’s wrong with that?” you may be asking yourself. Well, simply put…any time you […]

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