Wouldn't it be great to have an office in Nevada without the expense? The Nevada Office Package service allows you to establish a Nevada virtual office with our company. Learn more about virtual office spaces below.

By using the Office Package, it will legitimize your company's presence as a Corporation or LLC doing business in Nevada. The office package is vital for non-Nevada residents as it will allow your Nevada Corporation or LLC to stand up to an audit by your home state.

NCH's Nevada Virtual Office Package Includes:

  • In-house office manager and receptionist
  • Specific phone number for your company; generates White Pages business listing
  • Live, personalized answering service by our professional receptionist
  • Voice mail messages available to you 24 hours a day
  • Prestigious Nevada corporate business office space and mailing address
  • Nevada Conference facility, available for your corporate use
  • Weekly corporate mail forwarding to any U.S. address you choose
  • State business license on display
  • Fax and copier usage
  • In-office notary public service

Setting up an office like this on your own with two full-time employees, will cost thousands of dollars per month. With our cost effective Office Package, you will receive the benefits without the expense.

Ready to establish a virtual office space with your Nevada Office Package? Call an NCH representative today at 1-800-508-1729.


Why Nevada?

  • You can live and run your business in any state and still incorporate in Nevada.
  • Forming your entity involves no minimum capital requirements
  • Lawsuit proof laws - If your business does get sued, your personal assets will stay safe.
Your State vs. NV

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