Nevada vs. Wisconsin Incorporation Comparison

Wisconsin is one of the few states that has a tax on corporate shares. That and the Wisconsin corporate income tax of 7.9% earn the state a rank of 30 on the Tax Foundation’s Corporate Tax Ranking Index. When incorporating in Wisconsin you can take advantage of the Series LLC classification to protect and separate the assets of the partners. You can incorporate as series LLC in Nevada as well and avoid corporate tax exposure. Nevada does not have corporate income tax or tax on corporate shares. Nevada also has several other asset protection policies which Wisconsin doesn’t have. To find out more of the advantages of incorporating a series LLC in Nevada please see the information below:

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Tax Foundation's, Corporate Tax Ranking Index 1 30
Personal Income Tax NONE 4.6% - 6.75%
Tax Foundations, Personal Income Tax Ranking Index 1 42
No Franchise Tax
No Tax on corp shares
No Gift Tax
No Unitary Tax
No Estate Tax
Statutory Indemnification of Officers, Directors & Employees
Charging Order Protection for Corporation
Charging Order is Creditor's Sole Remedy for LLC or Corporation
Highest Standard of Corporate Veil Protection
Series LLC Allowed
Business Court *

* rankings accurate as of 2013


Why Nevada?

  • You can live and run your business in any state and still incorporate in Nevada.
  • Forming your entity involves no minimum capital requirements
  • Lawsuit proof laws - If your business does get sued, your personal assets will stay safe.
Your State vs. NV

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