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Nevada LLC For Non-U.S. Residents | Nevada LLC Benefits | NCH, Inc.

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It’s not necessary to be a U.S. citizen or to have a green card to own and operate a Nevada LLC. Accessing the U.S. marketplace is the key to success for many businesses around the world. The most effective way to reach this “land of opportunity” is with a U.S. company. As one of the […]

Nevada LLC Dissolution | Closing a Business | LLC Advice | NCH, Inc.

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  How to Dissolve a Nevada LLC A limited liability company, or LLC, will continue as an inactive entity, even without its owners, unless officially dissolved. The managers of a Nevada LLC can visit the Secretary of State’s website to file articles of dissolution. All of the information regarding dissolution provisions of the Nevada Limited […]

Nevada LLC Costs | Forming a Nevada LLC | Filing an LLC | NCH, Inc.

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A Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a unique form of business that blends the characteristics of corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships into a simple and flexible business entity. If you’ve decided a Nevada LLC is the best option for your business, then the first step is to file and pay the fees for necessary […]

Nevada Registered Agent | Corporation Management | NCH, Inc.

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Becoming a Nevada LLC or corporation allows your business the freedom to reside anywhere and still take advantage of the state’s asset protection, tax benefits, and ability to raise capital. When you’re doing business in Nevada, it’s important to make sure you have a Nevada registered agent. What is a registered agent?  A Nevada Registered Agent allows […]

Nevada LLCs vs. Corporations | Starting a Business in Nevada

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Is a Nevada LLC or Corporation Right for Me? There are various entities to choose from when starting your business. Knowing the best option means knowing the facts. Take time to consider how you plan to operate your business, who you want to have ownership, and the tax implications. This will help guide you down […]



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