Our Guarantee: The $100,000 Nevada Personal Liability Guarantee

Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. is proud to offer the $100,000 Nevada Personal Liability Guarantee* at no additional charge when any Nevada Corporation or Nevada Limited Liability Company is formed. Nevada Corporate Headquarters is the only incorporator in America that offers a $100,000 Guarantee!

If the corporate veil is pierced, and your Nevada Corporation or LLC is sued and you lose, NCH will reimburse your legal defense fees up to $100,000!

As you probably already know, the corporate veil separates your business activity from your personal assets. This veil is critical in ensuring your personal assets are not at risk in the event of a frivolous business lawsuit.

All Nevada corporations active with us automatically receive the Personal Liability Guarantee. This guarantee provides $100,000 worth of relief if your corporation or LLC has its veil pierced and its owners, directors, officers, managers or members of the company are being held personally liable for the debts. The guarantee is not insurance, and is limited to up to $100,000 reimbursement of reasonable legal costs. However, the guarantee is subject to the company having followed our step-by-step checklist, as provided in the Terms and Conditions of the Personal Liability Guarantee.

When you choose Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. as your Nevada incorporator for your Nevada LLC Services, and you follow the simple checklist, you can rest easy knowing that your personal assets, money, home and even your retirement are safe. Contact us today about forming a Nevada LLC, or for information about our Nevada LLC services!

*By following the step-by-step $100,000 Guarantee Checklist provided in your corporate kit and maintaining Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. as your registered agent, you qualify!


Why Nevada?

  • You can live and run your business in any state and still incorporate in Nevada.
  • Forming your entity involves no minimum capital requirements
  • Lawsuit proof laws - If your business does get sued, your personal assets will stay safe.
Your State vs. NV

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